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Animatix Lux

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We provide exceptional black light shows. Our shows attain wonderful effects through the use of black light. Light shows and displays based on ultraviolet lights are becoming more and more popular. Theater with black light or so-called black theater is a magical and special form of theater, which is difficult to encounter in Germany. The only source of light consists of the black light dispensers or light tubes (ultraviolet light with a wave length of approximately 365 nanometers), which make white or neon-colored objects and clothing lighten up and thus make these visible for the audience. Project PQ was honored as "Artist of the year 2010" with this blacklight show.
The blacklight show Animatix Lux is an incredibly visual light show with uv-light and light juggling on the newest level of the LED-technology. Animatix Lux abducts the spectator into another world with rapid choreographies, whirling light objects, creative and new outfits in a futuristic and animalistic blacklight show. A whole new world emerges in this show and as if by a ghost hand, lucent objects are spinning in the air. A new dimension of the light shows.

Blacklight show for the whole family

A beautiful story is told. The visitor dives into the microcosm of the insects. The Animatix-Lux characters hatch out of their cocoon and discover the magic attraction of light. The blacklight characters dance around the light, they dance with the light and originates new visual pictures for the spectator again and again. A funny story with light and theater in a 15 min show, inspired by nature and its creatures.
The mix from blacklight theater and especially made costumes for this light show from the artist Usch Quednau create a hypnotizing atmosphere. For the first time a huge insect flies over the head of the spectators during the show. Because of Effekt Technik this is possible for us.

Animatix Lux: that is an outstanding unique light show with professional dancers who skillfully implement the theme of the light show due to their movement and dance experience. Synchronous and astonishing movements and choreographies give the creatures of the Animatix- Lux show their unique and diversified characters.
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Tags: Festival, Indoor, company event, family friendly

  • 15 min
  • 3 artists and 1 technician
  • 6mx 6m oder 7m x 6m
  • room as dark as possible
  • pricing

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